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Dec 29, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #52 - "Joy To The World, The Lord is Cum"

In this week's episode of Bailey Jay Radio, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Kardashian, Celebrity Net Worth, George Michael pneumonia, Obama looks like a skinny, ghetto, crackhead, Kathy Bates, Sarah Palin xmas card problems, Five Guys Fucking Hardcore...

Dec 22, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - 12.21.11 - Episode #51 "I'd Fuck That Pony"

In this week's episode, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Ron Paul, Celebrity Net Worth, Fuck AT&T, Dutch exploding towers, Papa Johns, Adele, Loreal, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Rick Perry, Fear Factor, Jake Fogelnest remote control, Groin Pains, Matrix school,...

Dec 8, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #50 - 12.7.11 - "Do You Squweeb What I Squweeb?"

In this very special Pearl Harbor edition of Bailey Jay Radio, Bailey and Matt discuss:

New Segment: Celebrity Net Worth, Andrea Scatinelli, Three Stooges, google is gay, Al Quaida kidnaps old AMerican, Hobbit House, media is trying to destroy...

Premium Photos Episodes 46-49

Dec 5, 2011

Dear Premium Subscribers,

Here are a mish-mosh of photos from the last 4 episodes thrown into one big pile.

By the way. sorry for the absolute shit quality of this website.

Photo taken during a dissolve of a guy on a hair lass before/after photo

Moo Moo with a hat on

Crazy Sunset looking out the podcast studio window

Dec 1, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - 11.30.11 - Episode #49 "This Episode Has No Working Title"

New Segment "Facts About Modest Mouse", Michael Buble is being stalked by a velociraptor, twilight seizures, black friday, christmas tree, Captain Kirk, Munsters, NBC nightly news alarm, SUV's with a family decal, Patrice O'neil makes a dead,...