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Nov 25, 2010

This week Bailey & Matt celebrate thanksgiving with Adult Star Mason Moore - They talk about Bailey's recent molding for her sex toy line with Doc Johnson and her AVN nomination for Transsexual Performer of The Year. Listen and enjoy your turkey; Turkey.

thirteen and a half years ago

Hi Bailey,
I am struggling with my sexual identity ever since i saw you. I experimented with boys at a younger age, and feel embarrassed about it. I have been with women for all my adult life, but I find you very attractive. what can I do to expand my sexual horizon or deal with the feelings I have?

thirteen and a half years ago

I can't wait for a modeled part of you to be on sale!
I will be one of the first to get it. Listening to episode 9.
I'm not even 1:45 minutes into it and I already think this is the best one ever, although
I'm partial to episode 5, or 6.
I'll still post words of adoration for you though:-)

thirteen and a half years ago

Omg! You should have like a little chocolate replica of you so dudes can eat you! :] now i'm hungry.

thirteen and a half years ago

get your thing molded in chocolate so foreign guys can eat your cock