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Aug 25, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio Episode #35 Part 2 - You win some, you LOOSE some

This Week Bailey & Matt discuss:

The ustream chat room, Louis CK, Justin Bieber,, Woman wants to become 1,600lbs, Vegas scammed the shit out of us, Matt went skinny dipping, kat von d for the lose, Matt is a sociopath, We wait on lines too long, anderson cooper giggle attack, bambi 2?, Kill bill homage to blade runner, blade runner sequel, commercials, lean cuisine,, we talk to A TS from Chicago named Lexi, Big Wobbles updates and trivia, you win some you loose some, jon benajmin cancelled, dov charney, freddy kreuger in mortal kombat, flaming lips, earthquakes & tornados & hurricanes in ny, starbucks pizza, Bailey's cousin's diaper exploded, derek jeter, original sasquatch big stick, giada de laurentis is old natalie portman, das racist, rick perry has holes, suge knight, rappers can't smile, the formula for fame, the band "Face first".

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