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Sep 29, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #40 - 9.28.11 - "Hamster Tits"

This week on Bailey Jay Radio, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Mint milanos, phone holding etiquette, southwest airlines, obama hates jews, cyber bullying law, 40% of blacks live in poverty, roosters, conversation with Erik (our new tech nerd), Conversation with Big...

Episode #39 - Premium Photos

Sep 26, 2011

Here are some photos that relate to the talkings in episode 39!!

And some that don't!!

Zach Braff is looking good

Sexy Bailey from a few months ago at a themed motel in Vegas

A Very feux happy guy from the Sing-Off

A typical poster for whitney's new show, with the new format of "a guy is in trouble"

John Travolta -...

Sep 22, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #39 - 09.21.11 - Cinnamon Terst Crunch

In This week's episode, Bailey and Matt discuss:

The sing off, nick lechey, twitter people that say "photo:", blu-ray star wars, real life tatooine discovered, we need final cut pro 7, onion, drew barrymore, charlie sheen roast, brian eno, college girls,...

Episode #38 - Premium Photos

Sep 17, 2011

Here are some pictures relevant to episode 38.

Please Enjoy

The inspiration for playing "takin it to the streets"

Matt's film editing class

Box of Flesh Lights

Photo of girl that died in the Twin Towers

R2D2 Ice Cube Tray

Yoda Back Pack

Zoosk Whores

Scarlett Johansen

Scarlett Johansen

Home Made Salmon by Bailey...

Sep 15, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio Episode#38 - Men Are Always Trying to Not Do Somthing

9/11 drinking game, fleshlight, food inc, bon iver, scarlett johansen boobs, yoda backpack, "THE CAR IS OVER HERE!!!", Doobie Bros, Anne Hathaway, The Onion, r2d2 icetray, zoosk, stubby legged tv hosts, beegees, nyc cops wilding at west indies day...