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Mar 29, 2012

Bailey Jay Radio - 3.28.12 - Episode #64 - "What Would Dolly Parton Do? (sax solo)"

In this episode Bailey and Matt discuss:

Trayvon Martiv vs. George Zimmerman, Dennis Rodman, "Candace Tells All," Kaybee's Cabies, Supertramp, Dolly Parton, we take LOTS of skype calls, and so much god damn more!!!

Bailey has a...

Mar 22, 2012

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #63 - 3.21.12 - "She Does Got Big Jugs"

In this week's episode of Bailey Jay Radio, Bailey and Matt discuss:

John Carter fail, Property Virgins, zombies, AC/DC, Spring, Kirk Cameron, Jason Russel, Hugo, Bailey's new single "You're Getting Lucky Tonight," Call in's from Stickeykeys, Big...

Mar 15, 2012

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode 62 - 3.14.12 - "Rage"

This week on the Bailey Jay Radios, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Iphone 4s, Robert Kelly headshots, AT&T store, Chinese time travelers via suicide, rage, big wobbles, a fan calls in from the bay area, and many more things!!!

Bailey has a wishlist.



Mar 8, 2012

Bailey Jay Radio - 3.7.12 - Episode #61 - "Don't Shirk Your Stripper Dutes"

In this week's episode, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Instagram, Bill Maher, Matt scares old people, X Factor, 3 dead in Ohio, Joshua Ledet, Bieber is legal, Kirk Cameron, Lulzsec, New Segement: Bailey Reads Fortune Cookie, skype calls, and...