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Jul 15, 2024

Here it is MAYBE. Another spooky episode for spooky month, but once we review it, it is very extremely possible that our first video episode for the $5 level will go up. We wanted to get the audio up pronto before reviewing, so you could listen. So enjoy it. We answer all your questions and talk about our lives and...

May 8, 2024


From October to hear all the latest shows and join the community. it's two bucks.

It's October! Spooky season has officially begat! Bring your pumpkin and your dog! Get your cotumes ready and watch scary movies and listen to this three hour long episode of the show where we talk about...

Mar 2, 2024

New show with lots of stuff! We are recording from a new room of the house. We answer all your queries and more! Music, Love, Paranormal, Mexican Alien! To get all the shows when they go live. 

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Feb 5, 2024

From August 13, 2023


Another show about spooky pookie paranormal stuff and lots of yapping about so many things. Featuring sexy milf, Melody Mynx @mynxmelody. Our longest episode maybe ever.


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Jan 15, 2024

We talk about the David Grusch congressional hearings and some shit in Brazil. We also answer your questions. We are using a new mixer courtesy of you. 


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