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Apr 21, 2011

This week on the Bailey Jay Radios:

Episode #22 - If you see something, fuck something

George Lopez, New now next awards, Listener questions, Anderson Cooper, Celebrity kids are old like Kate hudson, Bisexuality, prayers, video games, movies, internet poker shutdown, peter gabriel, easter, celeb tranny chasers, 420,...

Apr 11, 2011

This time, Bailey Jay & Matt discuss a many things! Suchazz!

Helen Mirin's tits, human breast milk ice cream, the walkmen, gucci mane, italian senator guy vs. snooki, vegas news reporter salaries, msnbc, skype caller, boob job, girls, ad nauseum





Apr 1, 2011

This Episode features special guest, transsexual performer Foxxy ( She has a lot of the sexy powers!

Listen as Baiely & matt talk about, smudging, mint milanos, beef jerky, butt wipes, nicholas cage, catasthma, implants, aids, dimetapp, porno, sex, poltergeist and a whole slew of other fun times. They...