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Nov 24, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - 11.23.11 - Episode #48 "Happy Thanksgiving From All of Us at The"

This week on The Bailey Jay Show, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Ricky Gervais, Avenue Jew, Demi and Ashton, girls writing guys off, Modest Mouse, Dancing With the Stars, Russian news woman flips Obama off, Springstein,...

Nov 17, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode 47 - 11-16-11 - "All Butts Make The Same Juice."

In this week's episode, Bailey and Matthew discuss:

Rick Perry oops, Sasha Grey, Jay Z, occupiers, Daniel Day Lewis, celebrity guests, PayPal, Billy Joel, David Byrne, Patrick Evans, Chinese school bus crash, Dylan. Jake Fogelnest, Mac Harde,...

Nov 10, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - 11.9.11 - Episode #46 - "Joe Derosa is a funny man with a good attitude. Buy his CD."

In this week's episode of Bailey Jay Radio. Bailey and Matthew discuss:

Joe Derosa and his life as a comedian, "A View to a Kill," giant lego man, Asimo, fat dudes, chinese email, Shure is cheap, Grace Jones,...

Nov 3, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - 11.2.11 - Episode #45 - "L.A. Equals Germs; N.Y. Equals Dreams"

On this week's episode of Bailey Jay Radio, Bailey and Matt discuss:

Opie and Anthony, The Dow Jones, Nightmare Fuel, Gayhead Elementary, Local farmers market, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Abba, Kim K, China, Robert Kelly podcast, Jim...