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Sep 22, 2011

Bailey Jay Radio - Episode #39 - 09.21.11 - Cinnamon Terst Crunch

In This week's episode, Bailey and Matt discuss:

The sing off, nick lechey, twitter people that say "photo:", blu-ray star wars, real life tatooine discovered, we need final cut pro 7, onion, drew barrymore, charlie sheen roast, brian eno, college girls, hentai, 5 guys skype callers, throat loose, restaurant colon impossible, robert irvine, NEW SEGMENT: commercials where men are stupid and/or in trouble with their woman, dance moms, susan sarandon, you've been served, tony bennet, model mayhem rant, NEW SEGMENT: Hamster Tits, NEW SEGMENT: available web domains, Iron chef, tersts! 

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